医疗保健业务正经历着安全问题的流行. They must care for the ill and injured inside their facilities while protecting patients, 来自外部威胁的员工和访客. Yet violent acts are becoming the norm, impacting almost 90 percent of hospitals. 无论是需要控制的有攻击性的病人, 或者是一个带着武器的威胁访客, it is critical for hospitals to prevent incidents and resolve them quickly when they occur. Providers must put proper 安全 measures and communication systems in place to handle crisis prevention and crisis management. When they do, safety is strengthened, your organization can achieve better outcomes.

We understand your challenges and provide advanced technology solutions for healthcare. Our integrated solutions can help you improve every day and emergency communications and enhance external collaboration with other providers and public safety. 我们处于设计和支持安全的最前沿, 可靠的, 改变医疗保健的弹性技术. 不像其他无线系统, digital two-way radio means you aren’t dependent on an external network or commercial carrier for a real-time flow of information. 当危机发生时, 你会有私人的, “always available” communications to streamline collaboration and speed response.

Our solutions provide instant and discreet communication among your 安全 and 工作人员 to give you the upper hand in creating an environment that is safe and welcoming. 

迅速回应病人的要求, 跟踪供应和协调员工, 同时保持一个专业和安全的环境. 从接待到运送病人, real-time communications help your 工作人员 coordinate and collaborate to create a welcoming environment for patients and visitors.

Our integrated voice and data solutions help you manage facilities and maintenance personnel. 任务可以快速分配给合适的人,并迅速完成.



无论你是一名现场的安保人员还是一名病情恶化的病人, 或者打扫房间, or even an administrator dealing with large-scale emergencies such as extreme weather, 没有什么比一键通(PTT)通信更快的了. 皇冠信用盘 digital radios provide instant, 可靠的 communications to specific groups or individuals. 当不好的事情发生时,没有什么比一键对话更快的了.

The backbone of integrated healthcare communications is the MOTOTRBO digital platform. 这种灵活和适应性强的解决方案包括数字双向无线电, 配件, 应用程序, 系统及支援服务. MOTOTRBO connects 工作人员 and equipment together to provide clear, secure and discreet communications. And they are HIPAA-compliant to protect the confidentiality of patient data.

MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios keep your teams connected with impressive range, 电池寿命长, 智能音频, 所以当你最需要沟通的时候,你可以听清楚,也可以被清楚地听到. 谨慎的音频配件,确保隐蔽通信, 这样你就能在必要时做出回应, 但也可以防止局势升级. 对于医疗保健组织, 每一秒都很重要——如果你现在不交流的话, 它可能不够快.

MOTOTRBO无缝集成语音, data, 短信, 全球定位系统(GPS), work order ticketing and more to help your 工作人员 communicate and collaborate most effectively. Wireless Bluetooth® 配件 and covert earpieces enable 安全 personnel to operate discreetly. 用于紧急情况和日常操作, MOTOTRBO加强了工作场所的安全,提高了整体效率. 不管是门坏了还是电源故障, 您需要立即与维护和工程部门联系. Work orders get sent to the right departments and communication remains clear across the facility or campus. 



医疗保健组织中的数据流是恒定的. 病人, 工作人员, 安全, and incident information creates a large amount of reporting and documentation. Purpose-built 应用程序 help your teams communicate with added intelligence, 减少他们的文书工作负担, and harness the information at their fingertips to make business more efficient and improve outcomes. 你的安保团队是否需要室内位置跟踪, 或者你的维修人员需要文字转换语音, you can choose from a large portfolio of 应用程序 that can do so much more than push-to-talk communication.


Dispatch scans the 全球定位系统(GPS)-enabled console to see where 安全 工作人员 are and repositions them via text messages. 所有通信都经过加密,以符合HIPAA法规.

与工作订单票务应用程序他们的无线电, 医院经理可以给员工分配任务. At the end of the shift, they can review performance and take action if needed.


WAVE PTX™一键通服务
Leverage the resources you already have to communicate with personnel on their own devices. WAVE PTX securely extends your radio’s reach to those who may not carry radios. Now the director away from the hospital or the head of 安全 at an out-of-town convention can talk on their smartphones with radio users at your facility.

WAVE PTX几乎连接任何设备-智能手机, 平板电脑, 笔记本电脑, 固定电话和更多-在任何公共或私人移动数据网络, 包括无线网络. 您将获得无缝和安全的连接, 一键通通信的响应性, 以及保留服务计划和设备的自由.

了解更多关于WAVE PTX™一键通服务


一套Avigilon监控摄像头, Avigilon Control Center™(ACC)视频管理软件, and an Avigilon Access Control Manager™ (ACM) system can provide a complete 医疗保健 安全 solution across your facility. Avigilon cameras featuring self-learning video analytics recognize the movements and characteristics of people and vehicles, 同时忽略任何与场景无关的活动. Unusual events — such as a visitor in an off-limits area — will automatically trigger an alarm notification in ACC™, 将操作员的注意力集中在最重要的事件上. 如果你需要找到一个特定的人, operators can also use Avigilon Appearance Search™ technology to easily sort through hours of video and quickly locate a particular person or vehicle of interest across your entire property.


医疗机构经常有人来来往往. Securing your premises can take a lot of time and 工作人员 hours and grows increasingly difficult with your facility’s size. 在这些关键时刻, 安全 personnel do not have time to sift through important documents or run around to dispatch the correct teams. 简化您的安全操作, 易于使用的平台,快速访问完整和准确的数据. Ally™ is a single platform that allows you to manage incident records and dispatch, 跨设备即时通信, 并做出积极的计划决策.

  • 易于使用. 易于访问.
  • 即时通讯
  • 改进的见解

Ally解决方案还支持与WAVE一键通话集成, enabling your 安全 team to communicate with their teams and other personnel directly from the application. Ally’s Intuitive Incident Management Solution allows you stop a problem before it starts.