Today’s law enforcement agencies must manage endless flows of data that can either overwhelm them or help them better serve and protect their communities. 分析信息并将其转化为可操作的情报至关重要, 但同样重要的是,要把这些情报分发给所有需要它的人, 在他们需要的时间和地点.

We support 执法 with a full range of product choices in a complete and integrated platform, making it easy to keep your law enforcement personnel safer and your operations more efficient including radio systems and devices, 记录和证据系统, 计算机辅助设计, 以及穿戴式和车载摄像头.


在紧急情况下,其他急救人员可能在几英尺或几英里之外. 当每一秒都很重要的时候,你需要一台可以依靠的收音机来完成工作. 因为协调应对行动和保护生命是每项任务的核心, 每一次双向无线电传输都是至关重要的. 每台无线电都有一个任务,而且只有一个任务:保证你的安全.

ASTRO 25是领先的基于Project (P25)标准的系统,被超过11个国家使用,在世界各地有5000家代理商. 具有不妥协的实际性能和传奇的皇冠信用盘可靠性, ASTRO 25解决方案仍在不断发展, adding practical innovations and performance-driven capabilities that enable government agencies to protect the communities they work in and support neighboring communities through interoperability.

APX P25双向无线电系列重新定义了通信安全. APX将合适的设备送到合适的用户手中. 每一个特点和功能的设计与用户的思想-从坚固, 易于操作的设计使声音最大, 最清晰的声音. 其结果是使你的人民和社区比以往任何时候都更安全.



皇冠信用盘 Solutions body-worn cameras allow officers to capture and store evidence and communicate instantly in the moments that matter. 使用随身携带的摄像头, 警察可以很容易地录制视频片段, 静态图像, 证人或嫌疑人的访谈,并添加事件音频记录. 内容被无缝加密, tagged and uploaded via Wi-fi to their CommandCentral Vault digital evidence management software where it is securely stored.

将所有数字证据和管理工作流程结合在一起, 变成一个系统, 中央仓库. 这一个, unified repository will provide you with the confidence you need to effectively manage your growing amount of content securely. It’s designed to help you avoid any added administrative work and ensures that when it’s needed, 证据可以很快找到并准备好, 这样人员和病例才能继续移动.



在危机中, the last thing you want to worry about is scrambling to connect communications between police, 消防及紧急医疗服务, 来自不同社区的部门, 各种政府机构, 以及回应的社会服务团体. 然而,, 确保跨设备的PTT语音和数据通信, 不同的网络, 而长距离的物理距离是极具挑战性的. This is often exacerbated when teams that don’t often work together partner on a response.

Broadband push-to-talk solutions from the 公共安全软件 Suite can help keep your teams connected and more productive with instant voice communication and data sharing that has no boundaries. 使用双向无线电的用户, 智能手机, 平板电脑, 笔记本电脑之间可以无缝通信. 他们可以很容易地分享声音, 文本, 照片, video and more with a group or individual at the push of a button – all from one PTT application. 宽带PTT helps seamlessly connect different personnel together regardless of network, 使用的位置或设备. +, 很容易启用mcptt兼容通信, 透过服务质素提升服务质素, 甚至可以通过运营商集成的应用程序添加优先级和抢占.



The 皇冠信用盘 Solutions public safety software suite is the only end-to-end software platform that provides a unified experience and intelligent capabilities designed specifically for public safety. 该组合集成了紧急呼叫处理, 指挥与控制, 记录和证据, 宽带一键通(PTT). 每个解决方案都可以在内部部署、云中或混合使用.

统一不同的软件,体验强大的新特性和功能, 包括统一的工作流程, 为每个公共安全角色量身定制的微型设计, 智能辅助自动化和增强流程.

Emergency call handling solutions from 皇冠信用盘 Solutions are designed to help you maximize the first critical minute when a call is received. Solutions like CallWorks CallStation and the VESTA® 9-1-1 suite simplify the process of capturing and managing information by ingesting cell phone calls, 文本, 视频和映射到一个控制台, 瞬间.

Command & 控制软件
当速度和决断至关重要的时候, 指挥与控制 solutions from 皇冠信用盘 Solutions help you get the right information to the right responders, 快. Dispatchers can keep their eyes focused on their 计算机辅助设计 screen where resources are assigned to an incident talk group. 他们看到在计算机辅助设计中显示的无线电id, 在一键通话(PTT)窗口, 所以他们总是知道谁在说话. 宽带PTT上的非无线电用户也可以加入事件组. 调度员总是知道现场资源的位置, 不管他们是否在车里, 步行, 或者在追求.

Records and evidence solutions from 皇冠信用盘 Solutions are designed to help you complete reports 快er, 将洞察力转化为创造差异的行动, 减轻沉重的行政负担. Our first-of-its-kind consolidated 记录和证据 solution empowers productivity across your operation by creating and leveraging one complete foundation of knowledge.


Only Vigilant Solutions’ 车牌识别 (LPR) platform includes powerful analytics that help to complete the investigative triangle of person, plate and location and that’s why agencies consider it a true force multiplier and essential law enforcement platform.

警惕的固定LPR解决方案具有完全集成的功能, 而是小型相机和LPR处理单元. 与LEARN无缝整合运营, or as a stand-alone product with a published Application Programming Interface (API) for customized needs.

移动LPR /门禁
警惕移动LPR是业界首屈一指的移动LPR产品. LEARN管理, Mobile LPR focuses officers’ efforts on known vehicles of interest for appropriate and real-time intervention.


急救人员随时都可能处于危险之中. 不管是什么情况, 公共安全行动取决于能否立即获得现有的最佳信息. 节省时间和生命. Computer Aided Dispatch (计算机辅助设计) incident and resource management system is transforming public safety and dispatch operations. 它简化了捕获, correlation and real-time distribution of mission critical information for improved dispatch decision making and increased responder awareness and safety. 计算机辅助设计 delivers real-time information into the hands of those who need it most to make better decisions for greater outcomes.


Streamline the data flow from call-taking to dispatch and focus on coordinating response to large-scale incidents with decisive speed and maximum configuration.

Spillman Flex®计算机辅助设计
使用complete连接响应者, life-saving information in an integrated and off-the-shelf solution built for single or multiple jurisdictional dispatch.


随着世界的联系越来越紧密, the expectation for instant coordination and a seamless flow of information is increasing. Empower your dispatchers to coordinate 快er and provide the intelligence necessary to support those in field and the community they serve. 让你的调度中心成为一个信息管道, 第一响应者可以依赖的相关信息, 他们需要实时情报.



Make officers more street-ready with broadband devices built tough enough to survive punishing conditions, 大声到能被听到, 并且足够直观,易于使用. 用更丰富的武器武装你的急救人员, real-time information – from crime statistics and suspect images to streaming CCTV and ‘tac’ plans.

告诉急救人员前方为任务准备的设备. 每个特性和功能都是在设计时考虑到他们-从响亮的清晰音频, 到先进的安全, 硬如钉子,坚固耐用,智能配件.

LEX L11关键LTE设备
LEX L11 LTE关键任务设备. 设计时考虑到急救人员, 这是我们孜孜不倦地追求了解你实际工作方式的结果. 每个特性和功能都经过深思熟虑, 从崎岖不平, easy to operate design to the always loud and clear audio to the advanced end to end secure mobile platform and the enhanced accessibility provided by a suite of accessories. 因为保证社区安全是最重要的任务.

  • 一流的音频质量和性能
  • 直观的控制使操作自然
  • 在最恶劣的环境中表现出色
  • 无线电协作能力